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Dream a Little Dream

Posted by: Lilo Lale on: October 13, 2007

I had three very weird dreams last night. I’m still scratching my head over them.

Dream 1:
We were at Pofolks having dinner. I was wondering if I’d see anyone I knew there. Well, they sat us down right next to a former co-worker that I’m not too fond of. I did the polite thing and said hello. Then on the way out I saw two of my aunts and their daughters. We hugged and caught up a little. Then we left.

Dream 2:
I was in a house, but I wasn’t myself.  I was a white male in my early 30s (in reality, I’m actually a black female in my mid 20s). I was lying down in the living room and got a message that people were going to start showing up at my house. I don’t know how I got the message, but I knew the people were coming.

I stood up and peeped out the blinds. I could see cars in my front yard. I think it was about 10 or so. I got a really uneasy feeling. I looked at my hands and I was beginning to turn into a black male. I thought to myself that I’d just call the police, but when I went to the phones they disappeared. A voice from no where told me I couldn’t do anything because I was in an alternate reality. By this time, I was back to being a white male again.

There were two people on my porch. One was a lady in her 40s maybe.. She had a younger guy with her. They were determined to get into my place, but of course I wasn’t about to let them in. I don’t remember what really happened after that. I just know I was scared as hell..

Dream 3:
This was the last dream I had last night. It was short. Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) was dancing around in what I think was her bedroom. She was singing into something that was supposed to be a microphone. Nothing formal. Just a girl acting silly in her bedroom.

She was singing a song that sounded very familiar, but she sounded really weird singing it. I couldn’t figure out why at first. Then I realized the song she was singing was “Love Makes the World Go Round” by Ashlee Simpson. It was Ashlee’s voice that I was hearing.

And then I woke up.. Which I was very happy to do. I haven’t had dreams like that in forever. Maybe it was the sushi I had last night?

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