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I Didn’t Ask for an Encore…

Posted by: Lilo Lale on: October 16, 2007

Sheridan struck again today (See Silent but Deadly Indeed), but this time I had witnesses. I guess that’s not good for Sheridan though. There were 4 of us total that were standing around and talking. We were listening to one person talk and all of a sudden there was a ::toot::. I didn’t look at Sheridan because of course I knew where the sound came from. “Excuse me,” was said, and the conversation continued.

Even though everyone tried to act natural you know it was in the back of their head. To make it worse, I think a silent/deadly one was let out a little while later because that horrific smell came back. ::gag::

I’m over writing about Sheridan’s problem though. Obviously it is a problem if it happens that often. I just had to share since it happened around others today.

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