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Posted by: Lilo Lale on: November 6, 2007

OK, maybe not, but I’m going to write about it anyway. So tonight, Lil ImNoSuperman was watching Model Behavior on the Disney Channel. Yeah.. that movie that Justin Timberlake did a horrible job acting in but is cute nonetheless. I do like the main actress though. I think her name is Maggie Lawson. She reminds me a little of Alicia Silverstone during her Clueless days.

Well, I forgot that they played “Let That Be Enough” by Switchfoot in the movie until I heard it. It was the song of the day on Nov 1st. (Read it here)

I quickly forgot about the song being in the movie though because I went on to do other stuff. So, I came on here to check my stats and the first thing I noticed is that the Switchfoot “Let That Be Enough” post had gotten quite a few hits tonight. Then I realized it was because of the movie. People are searching to try to find out the name of the song. I love aiding people in their quest to find out the name of a song.

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