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GSSV: Timbaland/One Republic - Apologize

Posted by: Lilo Lale on: November 24, 2007

This post is the first in a new category I like to call “Great Song Bad Video”. 

I was watching the music video for “Apologize” (see Timbaland/One Republic Apologize or watch the video below) yesterday and couldn’t help but think the video left something to be desired. Don’t get me wrong. I love the song. It’s great. I also enjoy seeing One Republic perform, but that’s about it. Now before you start throwing rocks at me, let me explain.

The first thing that makes me chuckle everytime the video comes on is Timbaland. He has no purpose in the video. The only reason Timbaland is there is to prove why his name is attached to the song. The first time I heard “Apologize” I wondered the same thing myself. So what does Tim do? He sits in the Producer chair and makes grand hand gestures while singing “eh eh eh”.

The other thing I don’t care for is the New Years plot that, in my opinion, interupts the video. It took me a little while to figure out what was going on. The guy locks eyes with this girl across the room and plans to kiss her at midnight. He’s almost there, but then some random chick comes from no where and kisses him. Aww, it’s too late.. Get it? I’m not sure if I even do because then some crazy time warp thing happens. It’s confusing to say the least. Anyone that listens to the song can tell the meaning is a bit deeper than that. But the year is almost over; so, I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt…

Anyone agree with me, or am I being to critical?

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