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SotD: Alicia Keys - You Don’t Know My Name

Posted by: Lilo Lale on: January 3, 2008

This is a really sweet song. I can’t quite explain. It just tugs at me in some weird way. I love it. Alicia looks beautiful in the video.

Baby, baby, Baby
From the day I saw you
Really, really wanted to catch your eye
Somethin’ special bout’ you
I must really like you
‘Cause not a lot [...]

R & B Music

Posted by: Lilo Lale on: October 9, 2007

I’m mostly a Pop/Top 40 girl. As much as I listen to all kinds of music, it’s just the truth. I have a lot of mainstream stuff.
I recently┬ánoticed┬áthat it had been a while since I’d really gotten into any new R & B music. Like there are songs that I’ve liked, but I think the [...]

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